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 The Rules (Break them at your own risk)

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PostSubject: The Rules (Break them at your own risk)   Wed May 18, 2011 3:32 am

The Rules

- Players can have as many as one character per city pending Approval of the Character Manager and the city's ST

- No ST can have a Player Character (PC) in their own city

- No player can submit a character who knows any of his own characters. A player may not create a character that is a sire, a child, an ally, an enemy, a contact or a mentor of any of his existing characters if the player has more than one.

- A player can play the sire, the child, an ally, an enemy, a contact or the mentor of ANOTHER PLAYER's character.

- Characters must belong to a Sect playable in the city chosen by the player to play on. The Admin of the city decides which ones are playable.

- Playing nomad characters is possible (exemple: nomad Sabbat Packs, Camarilla Archons, wandering independents or Anarchs. These characters are the ones without any permanent residence in any city due to different reasons. It has to be explained fully in the character background and remembers that the total number of characters a player can have is equal to the number of cities present in The Great Jyhad. Nomad characters are approved by the BoA.
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The Rules (Break them at your own risk)
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