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 Character Creation Tips

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PostSubject: Character Creation Tips   Wed May 18, 2011 3:30 am

Character Creation Tips

Hello my precious younglings. I am your Character Manager and I want to make this process as easy for you as possible. I also want to help you to create a character that will not only do well in the game but be enjoyable for you to play.

Before you start I want you to picture your character. Is it a man or a woman? What were they like in life? What was their Embrace like? What was their sire like? What is their personality? Are they happy to be kindred or filled with angst? What clan are they? Do they fit in? Where does he usually feed? Take some time envisioning them, get to know them, once you feel comfortable (and hopefully a little excited), you are ready to start.

Step One: Character Information

This is where you start to tell us about yourself. What is your name? What city will you call home? Where will you live? How old are you (mortal and kindred years together)? How old do you look (Age when you were Embraced)? Who was your sire (Sorry but "Sick Bastard" will not be accepted)? Did you get along? What Generation, Clan, and Sect are you?

Your Generation will be 13th to start unless you invest in the Generation Background (see Definitions section if you need help)

When choosing your sect remember the city you are going to live in. Playing a Sabbat in a Camarilla city would be a death sentence and likely won't be accepted by your ST, so make sure you check the city description to see which sects are accepted.

Nature and Demeanor can add a lot of depth to your character and also give you the chance to earn back some Willpower in game. See the Definitions section for a full list and descriptions.

Step Two: Attributes

Attributes are very important and will do a great deal to shape the type of character you will play. Will he be Physical (fights a lot)? Social (political player)? Mental (a bookworm)?

You get one dot in all attributes then place 7 dots in you primary category, 5 in your secondary, and 3 in your tertiary

Step Three: Abilities

This is what your character can DO. They fall into three categories, Talents, Skills, and Knowledges. Place 13 dots in your Primary, 9 in your Secondary, and 5 in your Tertiary. Remember my Dears, no ability can be more than 3 unless you use freebies.

Step Four: Advantages

These are Backgrounds, Disciplines, and Virtues (see Definitions section). You can place 5 dots in Backgrounds (none if you are Sabbat), and 3 dots in Disciplines (4 if you are Sabbat. In-clan Disciplines only please). For virtues you will start with one dot in each category (Conscience, Self Control, Courage) then can distribute and additional 7 dots between them (5 if you are Sabbat.

Step Five: Finishing the Sheet

Your Humanity rating is equal to your Conscience + your Self Control. Willpower is equal to your Courage. You then have 15 freebie points to spend anywhere you like. The costs of dots are as follows.

Attributes: 5 freebie points
Abilities: 2 freebie points
Backgrounds: 1 freebie point
Disciplines: 7 freebie points
Kindred Knowledge: 3 freebie points
Virtues: 2 freebie points
Humanity: 1 freebie Point
Willpower: 1 freebie point

Great news! The hard part is over. Now sit back and relax and tell us more about your character. What does he look like? What about his personality and attitudes? Are they the same as they were before he was Embraced? What motivates him? Finally tell us his life story. What was his childhood like? Does he still have contact with his mortal family? The more background you have for your character the better you will be able to know him and play him, and the more fun you will have with him.

Well my youngling, you are ready to step into the World of Darkness. Send your completed sheet to me, the Mistress of the Jyhad, and I will review it. Once I accept it and the ST of your city says he will have you, you will be ready to play. Good Luck.
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Character Creation Tips
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