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This a role-playing forum using the rules of Vampire the Masquerade 3rd Ed.
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 Rules for Admins

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PostSubject: Rules for Admins   Tue May 17, 2011 10:11 pm

Rules for Admins

- If the city you choose to create already has its own sourcebook, it must conform to the official sources.

- If the city doesn't have a sourcebook, it must also follow official sources if bits of information are given in any book. (Exemple Prince Annabelle of Quebec City is official even without the city sourcebook)

- Cities created from the ground up must written with as much information as possible then and submitted to the BoA

- Admins should try to see if there's any other role-playing forum of any given city before submitting one. All this is to insure the possibility of existing forums to join us here on The Great Jyhad.

- Admins have a veto power on everything going on in his city.

- If there is not enough players on The Great Jyhad, the Board may refuse or postpone a request to create a city until the number of players is sufficient.

- Giving a list of confirmed players who are certain to play in your city will certainly help to turn the Board decision in your favour if there are enough players on that list. Polls titled "Would you play in X city?" in the Comments and Suggestions Section, are also a good alternative.
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Rules for Admins
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