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PostSubject: Definitions   Tue May 17, 2011 9:47 pm

(This is just a brief list of definitions you might need. For more in depth descriptions see your core rulebook)

Archetypes (Nature and Demeanor)

Architect - You build a better future
Autocrat - You need control
Bon Vivant - Unlife is for pleasure
Bravo - Strength is all that matters
Caregiver - Everyone needs nurturing
Celebrant - You exist for your passion
Child - Won't someone be there for you?
Competitor - You must be the best
Conformist - You follow and assist
Conniver - Others exist for your benefit
Curmudgeon - Nothing is worthwhile
Deviant - You exist for no one's pleasure but your own
Director - You oversee what must be done
Fanatic - The cause is all that matters
Gallant - You're not the showstopper, you're the show!
Judge - The truth is out
Loner - You make your own way
Martyr - You suffer for the greater good
Masochist - You test your limits every night
Monster - You're damned, so act like it!
Pedagogue - You save others through knowledge
Penitent - Unlife is a curse to atone for
Perfectionist - Nothing is good enough
Rebel - You follow no one's rules
Rogue - Those who can, win. Those who can't, lose. You can
Survivor - Nothing can keep you down
Thrill-Seeker - The rush is all that matters
Traditionalist - As it has always been, so it shall be
Trickster - Laughter dims the pain
Visionary - There is something beyond all this


Animalism - Supernatural Affinity with and control of animals
Auspex - Extrasensory awareness, perception and premonitions
Celerity - Supernatural quickness and reflexes
Chimerstry - Ravnos ability to create illusions and hallucinations
Dementation - Ability to pass madness onto a victim
Dominate - Mind control passed through the piercing gaze
Fortitude - Unearthly toughness, even to the point of resisting fire and sunlight
Necromancy - Supernatural power to summon and control the dead
Obfuscate - Ability to remain obscure and unseen, even in crowds
Obtenebration - Unearthly control over shadows
Potence - Discipline of physical vigor and strength
Presence - Ability to attract, sway, and control crowds
Protean - Shape changing, from growing claws to melding with the earth
Quietus - Assamite's art of assassination
Sepentis - Reptilian discipline of the Followers of Set
Thaumaturgy - Study and practice of blood sorcery
Vicissitude - Tzimisce art of flesh-shaping


Allies - Human confederates, usually family or friends. One per dot.

Contacts - Number of information sources a character possesses. One per dot.

Fame - How well-known the character is among mortals

Generation - How far removed from Caine the character is.
1st dot - 12th gen, 11 bloodpool, can spend 1 bp/round
2nd dot - 11th gen, 12 bloodpool, can spend 1bp/round
3rd dot - 10th gen, 13 bloodpool, can spend 1 bp per round
4th dot - 9th gen, 14 bloodpool, can spend 2 bp per round
5th dot - 8th gen, 15 bloodpool, can spend 3 bp per round

Herd - Vessels to which the character has free and safe access.
1st dot - 3 vessels
2nd dot - 7 vessels
3rd dot - 15 vessels
4th dot - 30 vessels
5th dot - 60 vessels

Influence - The character's political power among mortal society

Mentor - Kindred patron who advises and supports the character

Resources - Wealth, belongings, and monthly income
1st dot - $1000, $500/month
2nd dot - $8000, $1,200/month
3rd dot - $50,000, $3,000/month
4th dot - $500,000, $9,000/month
5th dot - $5,000,000, $30,000/month

Retainers - Followers, guards, and servants. 1 per dot.

Status - The character's standing in undead society

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