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 Character Advancement

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PostSubject: Character Advancement   Tue May 17, 2011 9:44 pm

Character Advancement

Now THIS is the fun part my younglings. As you endure unlife you will of course learn and grow. After each game night, you will be awarded experience points. Also, your ST may or may not decide to award bonus xp for outstanding play. These experience points can be accumulated to be later spent on your character. These experience points can raise nearly every trait. Here are all the costs for purchasing dots on your character's traits.

Attribute current rating x 4
New Ability 3
Existing Ability current rating x 2
New Clan Discipline 7
Clan Discipline current rating x 5
New Out of Clan Discipline 10
Out of Clan Discipline current rating x 7
Virtue current rating x 2
Humanity current rating x 2
Willpower current rating x 1
New Path 7
Path current rating x 4

To use your experience points to purchase dots, Put a thread in your Personal Forum titled "Experience Expenditures"

Also, to show what obedient little younglings you are, I will assign you tasks. Each month there will be a challenge set and 1 xp will be awarded to any character who accomplishes it at the end of the month.

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Character Advancement
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